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Pet Insurance

Grey cat and cute dog. Choose the right pet insurance plans for peace of mind.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Plans

Find and compare pet insurance plans to find the best fit for you and your pet

As you are no doubt aware there is no medicare for animals and unfortunately, the costs of medicine and surgery are escalating. To help you decide which pet insurance plan best meets your requirements we recommend using the Canstar website as a starting point to compare all major pet insurance providers.

Did you know that you can insure your pets for accident and illness?

Depending on which policy you chose you can cover up to 80 per cent of the total veterinary costs or have a fixed excess per condition (ranging from $100-$500).

At Port Road Vet we strongly encourage a private pet insurance plan for your pets as accidents and illness occur far more often than we usually expect.

How do I find the right pet insurance plan?

To find the right pet insurance plan, follow the following three questions:

  1. Have you got private health insurance with HCF or Medibank Private?
    If so you get a discount on policies that have a fixed excess of 20 percent. You should check with your insurance provider as some companies like Alliance have Pet Policies that you may be eligible for a discount.
  2. Are you worried about big bills or smaller bills?
    If big bills like $4,000 for a cruciate or $6,000 for a spinal surgery worry you then go for a fixed excess amount. The higher the fixed excess the lower the monthly premium. If small bills may cause issues, i.e. $2-300, then I would recommend the percentage policies as for say $100.00 bill you will receive $80.00 back.
  3. What level of cover?
    Most providers will offer three levels (accident only, accident and illness, accident and illness with routine care). In our opinion the accident only policy can leave you short should something serious occur.

Which pet insurance provider should I choose?

At Port Road Vet we do not recommend a single policy or provider. We just believe you should insure your pet as soon as they arrive in your home (before they have time to have a pre-existing condition) and make an informed decision in relation to the level of cover and the provider you chose.

Contact us for more information about pet insurance claims and plans.