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Treatment Services

Dog and girl. Surgery for dogs in Adelaide

Treatment for acute and chronic illness, surgery and desexing

Our expertise in treating pet illness is as comprehensive as our care. Just like you, every pet’s health experience is unique.

Using the best diagnostic technology we treat a wide variety of pet illnesses, from short-term infections to longer-term conditions. We also offer surgery and desexing services for cats and dogs.

Acute Illnesses

In this instance, ‘acute’ doesn’t describe severity, but rather how quickly an illness develops and how long it lasts. Acute illnesses are often isolated incidents, usually curable with straightforward treatments. The most common acute illnesses we see are:

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are persistent illnesses that don’t necessarily have a cure. Instead, they are managed with medications and treatments that help control symptoms and maintain the pet’s quality of life. The most common chronic conditions we see are:

Other Services