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Desexing Your Pet


Desexing Your Pet

Adelaide Desexing Clinic – Port Road Vet

Why desex your pet?


At Port Road Vet we are a desexing clinic.  We highly recommend spaying or castrating your kitten and / or puppy. Desexing animals is a humane and ethical way of helping your pet live a longer, healthier life, minimizes behavior problems, and helps control the population of unwanted pets.

Benefits Of Desexing Your Cat Or Dog

  • Health – Neutering male pets decreases their chances of developing prostatic enlargement and disease and eliminates the risk of testicular cancer. Spaying female pets eliminates the risk of pyometra, a life-threatening infection of the uterus. If your pet is spayed before her first heat cycle, her chances of developing breast cancer drop dramatically as well.
  • Behavior – Behavior problems are the primary reason pet owners take their pets to shelters, and pets that haven’t been spayed or neutered are more likely to exhibit undesirable behaviors. For example, female cats can be very disruptive and vocal during their heat cycle, and male pets may roam, mark, sexually mount and become aggressive. By neutering your puppy or kitten at six months, you’ve taken the first step toward preventing aggression. The next step is puppy socialisation training. Ask our team for more information on puppy school at Port Road Vet Clinic.
  • Birth control – The drive to reproduce is strong in dogs and cats that haven’t been desexed and can lead to unwanted litters. By desexing your pet you can do your part to limit the chances of pet overpopulation and avoid dealing with a surprise pregnancy. According to the RSPCA in 20015/16 financial year 140,000 animals received nationally. Spaying or castrating your pet eliminates unwanted litters, which contribute to thousands of owner-requested euthanasias and thousands of stray animals.

Kitten And Cat Desexing

Cats are capable of reproducing at a rapid rate, particularly during the summer months. Desexing can prevent the production of many kittens that may not find a home and it is an important part of keeping your cat healthy.

Read more about cat and kitten desexing here.


Puppy & Dog Desexing

Neutering your dog is one way you can help to keep them healthy and prevent the arrival of an unexpected litter of puppies. Desexing has advantages for both male and female dogs.  Our clinic recommends and offers puppy and dog desexing Adelaide.

Read more about male and female dog desexing here.

How We Keep Surgery Safe

Even though there is some risk with any anesthetic procedure or surgery, we’re committed to providing the highest quality surgical care, made as painless as
possible, and we follow up with the finest postoperative care anywhere. How do we do it?

Complete examinations – We’ll examine your pet from nose to tail before surgery and again upon recovering from anesthesia to be sure your pet is in good health going in
to the procedure and recovering properly afterward.

Comprehensive laboratory analysis – Our lab analysis includes an internal organ function screen and a complete blood count, which help us find any preexisting conditions that could cause complications during anesthesia, surgery or recovery.

General anesthesia – We use Isoflurane and Alfaxan to provide your pet with the safest anesthesia that leads to a speedy recovery on completion of the procedure. We also use sterile instruments, drapes and surgical gowns as careful attention to sterility limits the possibility of infection during the procedure.

Continual cardiac and blood oxygen monitoring – During surgery and recovery, these monitoring devices help detect potential problems before they become serious.

Intravenous catheter – An intravenous catheter allows safe, easy administration of any necessary medications or fluids.

Intravenous fluid therapy – Intravenous fluid therapy helps ensure your pet’s blood pressure remains within its normal range during anesthesia.

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    Can u advise how much to desex female puppy 5 months old 6 kilos .

    • Emma Ruck

      Hi Kerri,
      Please give us a call on 08 8340 0388 to discuss the options we have with desexing. From there we can provide you with an estimate.
      Kind regards,
      Port Road Vet team

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