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How to litter train your rabbit

Cute brown rabbit on lawn. Litter training for rabbits is possible!

How to litter train your rabbit

Litter Training for Rabbits

Our top tips on litter training for rabbits

Rabbits are traditionally kept outdoors but they can also make great indoor pets as well, especially if you litter train your rabbit from an early age.

A huge benefit of keeping them indoors is that they are less likely to be exposed to deadly viruses spread by mosquitoes and other rabbits.

Did you know you can litter train rabbits? This can be done easily because they naturally toilet in one preferred place.

How to litter train your rabbit

You will need to initially keep them in a small area, either a cage or blocked off room.

Place a rabbit litter tray over the area they have already soiled. The rabbit litter tray should have low sides to make it easier for the rabbit to get in and out.

Line the tray with newspaper, straw or a paper-based litter and place a few of their droppings in the tray. This will encourage them to use the tray.

Putting hay near the rabbit litter tray or hung above the tray also helps to entice them. Rabbits like to eat while they go to the toilet.

Good luck!

Has litter training for rabbits worked for you? Do you have any other litter training tips? Please let us know.

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