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Save your Pet's Life

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20 minutes that could save your pets life

We recommend yearly check-ups for your pets. Senior pets should be assessed more regularly (6 monthly). While vaccinations are a well-known and important component of preventative care, they are a small part of your overall yearly consultation. It is the examination that is the most important part of preventative care for your pet.

While everything may seem perfectly normal to the untrained eye, it is possible that your pet has underlying discomfort or distress. This is why it is so important to have regular physical examinations. The examination with a veterinarian can help detect abnormalities or conditions that may have been missed, by even the most experienced of pet owners. More often than not, your pet will likely show healthy on presentation, but in the instances they are not, early detection can save your pets life.

In addition to annual check ups, we offer sick pet examinations, emergency examinations and more.

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