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We are committed to providing great service and value for money. We will always provide you with reasonable and competitive prices, but will never compromise on the health and welfare of the pets we care for. We will always recommend the best, safest and most effective treatments for your pets.

A full written estimate will always be created for you at the time of your initial consultation. This will allow you to be fully informed before treatment is provided, thereby avoiding any additional anxiety that undetermined costs can bring, to an already stressful situation.

To help us keep administration costs to a minimum, all consultations, treatments and surgeries must be paid for at the time of attendance, or when your pet leaves us to go home with you. We accept cash, EFPTOS and Visa and Mastercard credit card. Because we understand that veterinary expenditures are often unplanned, we can make credit available through VetPay. VetPay can give you a flexible, convenient payment plan that can be used for on going veterinary care.

Ask about VetPay at our front desk, or go to for more information.

We strongly recommend that all of our patients are insured. Although we always try to keep costs within reasonable limits, some treatments can be expensive.

We recommend using CANSTAR website as a comparison of the different insurances available to find the one that suits your needs the most.