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Vet Clinic Albert Park, Adelaide

Vet Clinic Albert Park

Looking For a Albert Park Clinic? At Port Road Vet, We Offer Personalised Care To You And Your Pets

We’re a small and tight knit vet team servicing Albert Park, Adelaide and lead by Dr Kevin Murnane. We consider our furry companions to be a much-loved part of our family. For this reason, we take exceptional care to look after your pet when they come for a visit.

We’re A Boutique Adelaide Vet Clinic Servicing Albert Park And Surrounds

Our dedicated team really get to know you and your cat, kitten, dog, puppy or rabbit. Our excellent vets and staff provide outstanding care to our clients by taking the time to carefully check each animal while getting to know their individual personalities. Our vets are all members of the AVA. Our regular consultations are 20 minutes long so we can thoroughly examine your pet without being rushed by the next appointment (most other practices have 10-15 minute appointments). We use this time to not only carefully check your pet, but also talk to you about the most appropriate treatment options or other ways forward for you and your pet. We’re just a small team, you won’t see a different face every time you visit. Over time, our vets will get to know your pet’s health history and situation making care less stressful and more effective. We strive to not only provide excellent medical and surgical care, but also to build and maintain a close relationship with you. We look after felines, canines and rabbits as well as other small pets. Services we offer include:

Why We Love Albert Park

Named after Prince Albert, this suburb was developed as far back as 1877. It’s located on the western side of Port and West Lakes boulevards. It’s a convenient place to live, which is why our clients have chosen to put down roots here. Albert Park is close to everything, including shops, public transport, medical facilities and schools, like Our Lady Queen of Peace School on Botting Street. The suburb is very clean, and many of the roads and footpaths have been recently redone. Keeping fit is easy if you’re a resident, thanks to CrossFit AERE at 29 Circuit Drive. Where do locals hang out to relax? They love the barbeque area in Hendon on Butler Drive. Looking for a friendly Albert Park vet clinic? You’ve come to the right place. Book Online Here or Call Us Today